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Preparing for a remote podcast interview

This short article concentrates the key TECHNICAL lessons I have learned from speaking with our great guests, and serves as an “SOP” for our podcast interviewees. It is also a good preparation for any interviewee conducting a remote podcast episode.

First and foremost – welcome, we’re happy to have you!

Second, let’s understand what is needed from you to make your podcast episode into the greatest podcast episode of all times.

So, without further ado:


Listen to a couple of episodes, and take a look at the project website to get some context.


If we haven’t scheduled a time yet, suggest a couple of slots options to do the podcast. Weekends are best for me 🙂

Administrative preparation:

Here are things I need in order to publish:

  • Send me your short bio, or how you would like to be introduced

  • Send me 3-4 high quality pictures (funny, formal, adventurous) of you

Sound quality:

  • Sit in a quiet room to eliminate background noises

  • Keep your mic at a fixed distance. A professional microphone headset is best. A headset is second best

  • Do the interview with a computer rather than a phone – that would allow us to communicate better (we will see each other) and have a smoother interview. I might use some ‘hand signals’ or body language, such as “slow down a bit” or “let me make just one remark”

Content preparation:

Here are questions I always ask:

  • Tell me your story in 2 minutes or under

  • What are/were your motivations in doing what you do - why did you decide to do it?

  • What are the top things you feel you got from your experience?

Last but not least:

  • Speak 10-15% slower than you usually do

  • Relax and smile 🙂

Reach out to me, or comment here, if you have any questions.

Looking forward to speaking with you!


Noam and Michael having having a recording session at SoundLounge NYC
Podcast prep with Noam and Michael

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