Let’s start with the good news - you can get into a top MBA, even the best MBA in the world, without an undergraduate degree. Others have done it, I’ve done it, and I’m actively helping others do it. 

Let’s continue with more good news - we are building a community of folks who have done this (or are currently doing this) to help you do the same. We are sharing knowledge, resources, connections, and more to help you through your journey. You are very welcome to join the community. 

Even more good news - this is free. Even though I personally have toyed with the idea of charging money for it, I came to the selfish realization that I benefit more from being a part of someone else’s success in this unlikely journey than making a few bucks from selling my knowledge. Also, making this a goodwill project rather than a financial venture allows more people to take part and spread the message, thus increasing our reach and our impact.

So with that, good news all around. 

But, this isn’t an easy or straightforward path. It requires tons of energy and mental effort. It also requires a substantial investment of money - an MBA is expensive, and the process can be pretty pricey too. 

Also, as most schools weren’t open to the idea until now, few people have done it before you. There wasn’t a lot of publicly available information before we started this community, and even today we are putting a lot of effort into gathering information from schools. So, expect some unknowns, and feel free to ask questions. 

To get started with your journey, I have pulled together some resources that the community built and accumulated over the years. Please feel free to add your thoughts, comments, and resources here as well. 

Last word of advice - I strongly recommend acting like a “giver” rather than a “taker”.  Contribute to others and help them succeed - and they would usually be happy to assist you and see you succeed. Be selfish, demanding, or impolite with others - and you can expect little to no help.

Off to the races… 



I have condensed the thousands of hours I've spent with schools, professors, advisers, applicants, public speakers, performance coaches, and others into a series of videos. This series is meant to give you a sense of direction and eliminate the uncertainty that is an integral part of the admission process.



A “breathing” database, originally built by my dear friend Sagi Cohen, who got admitted into INSEAD without an undergraduate degree. Sagi surveyed and spoke with different schools to map their approach to applicants without an undergraduate degree. This is a spreadsheet with a lot of information, that gets updated from time to time. It is here to give you a general idea and not exact data. 

Please double-check everything here as some of the information might not be up to date. 

Through this database, we hope to achieve a number of things:

1. Show more applicants that this is a viable route, with concrete information to support it - spread the word!

2. Make the right decisions early on / avoid mistakes, by giving you the fullest picture possible before you embark on your journey. 

3. Celebrate, support, and promote the schools that are already admitting applicants without an undergrad.

4. Get more schools to admit applicants without an undergrad by showing them that other top schools do the same.

5. Challenge traditional thinking by showing bypasses to pre-programmed societal norms.

My ask from you:

> If you see any information that is not up to date - leave a comment on the spreadsheet with the correct information, or reach out via the contact form. 

> If you are a school wanting to appear on the spreadsheet - please reach out to me via the contact form. 

One more thing:

Also attached is a super useful website with up-to-date admission dates, requirements, tips, and more. Thank you, Ameer Khatri! 



We are building a list of recommended admission consultants/advisors, that have experience and/or desire to assist applicants without an undergraduate degree. The list will be segmented by geography, price, and more. 

Applicants- until we build a big enough list, I am doing this manually. If you need a referral to a consultant that can help you with your essays, letters, etc. - please reach out to me via the contact form. 

Consultants- if you would like to appear on this list, or have me refer applicants to you, please reach out to me via the contact form and we'll schedule a call to get to know each other.

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