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# 1 - Pig Farmer - Henning C. Frank

Self-proclaimed "German Farmboy" Henning C. Frank is an inspiration.

At 18, already making pocket money as a handball coach, he decided not to "sit on his ass for 5 years", and instead work until he found what interests him.

He worked in various jobs, building confidence and self belief. Then started building businesses - waste management, consulting, distressed real estate.

At 32, after building three companies and selling two of them, he needed a change of scenery. Traveling for two years seemed "boring", so he decided to go for an MBA.

He took a list of top 100 schools, eliminated 55 ("didn't like the location"), and emailed the rest. Nearly all replied "NO" because he didn't have an undergrad. A handful said "MAYBE," INSEAD among them. Eventually, two said "YES". Henning decided on INSEAD.

Fast forward >>> A month ago he sold his real estate crowdfunding company, one of the largest in the EU.

When I asked what drives him, his answer was: "I grew up fast, and I am hungry as f*ck".

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