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# 6 - Master Chef - Omri Farber

Welcome to MBAwobs, episode 6, with Omri Farber.

Episode highlights:

The 2 Michelin star McDonald’s Why great chefs FAIL (despite working 18 hour days) / why high end culinary institutes are not necessarily good businesses How Omri almost went to the CIA An expert’s guide to ranking the world’s best restaurants ‘Positive’ vs ‘negative’ motivations for doing an MBA Becoming a business leader, rather than a technical professional

- Omri's unusual story - celebrity chef household > racing for Renault > military officer > studying in Cordon Bleu > working in Michelin star restaurants > back to school (+tips on the process) > admission process > MBA at Cass > the future of foodtech.

Omri and I had a lot of fun talking, and went a bit overboard, so I ended up dividing the episode to 2 episodes - stay tuned for the next one.

Omri recently graduated from the Cass MBA Program in London, where he was what we call a nontraditional MBA candidate, as he did not have an undergraduate degree. Prior to his studies, Omri spent five years as a chef at two of the top 50 restaurants in the world (Dinner by Heston and Lyle's) and even before that, he served for 6 years as an operations manager and instruction officer in the IDF. Omri was also a member of the Renault Racing Team in Israel 🏎️

From India, to Singapore, to New York, to London, to Israel, to podcast - how Omri and I got connected - Shout out to Nakul Shinghal who saw this FT article about Omri and sent it my way. The rest, as they say, is history…

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