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#17 - Private Equity Tarzan - Billy Fox

Updated: Jun 19, 2020

Billy is an analyst for a London based growth equity fund that specialises in consumer brands. He recently finished a 1 year MBA at Cass Business School in London. Prior to his MBA he spent nearly 4 years running a logistics business in Congo Brazzaville trucking Heineken and timber around the country.

Never be shy about your past - don't listen to anyone else's reasons about why to do an MBA!

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Happy Listening!


Who is episode for

  • This episode is for adventurers, students, applicants, and all those with alternative backgrounds, looking to learn how to approach an MBA when you haven’t even taken the GMAT.

  • Whether you are looking for your next step or looking for guidance on your next big adventure, tune in to this one.

Some of the things we talk about

  • Going from cement pouring to getting hired by a private equity firm

  • Why geography matters when you are looking at economics

  • Stepping outside your bubble

  • Approaching an MBA without a GMAT

  • Learning why time isn’t everything so long as you work for it

  • Working with the admission program

  • Real, imperfect reasons people choose an MBA

  • Why an MBA is an investment in yourself, first and foremost

  • The three musts of Congo...


If you are a non-traditional applicant and are looking to get a top MBA, message me and let's see if I can help.

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