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#16 - From Kawasaki Disease to Tech Unicorn - Nadav Shoval

Nadav Shoval is the co-founder and CEO of, a tech venture empowering publishers to host quality conversations to build thriving communities, and generate civil conversations to make the online space better reflect in person connections.

Kawasaki disease changed his life and directed him into coding and building online communities from a young age. After serving in the military, with no high-school or university degrees, he knew that the next step for him was to start his own company.

“If you have the ability to build a business - don’t you want to be able to look back and see that you made one thing in the world slightly better?“

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Who is episode for

  • Students who have succeeded best with alternative learning, and those who are looking for non traditional ways to enter the business and tech market, either by starting their own company or people looking to be hired into a company.

If you know what you love and want to start right away, you would love hearing Nadav’s story of doing exactly that and excelling at it.
  • CEOs, founders, or team leaders looking to educate themselves on how other people navigate situations much like their own.

  • Talented, driven and hungry individuals looking to work for (sneak peak! or in its new name - Open Web dot com). Get a notion of what Nadav and his team are looking for in a team member!

Some of the things we talk about

  • The 4 big questions to ask during the hiring process

  • What to look for in your advisors

  • The purpose of positivity in business

  • How to be an athlete in business with an achiever mindset

  • Balancing the building of your persistence muscle with working with teams and partners

  • The one book that you need to read during COVID-19

  • Practices to structure your time according to your goals

  •’s search for civility outside the social media echo chamber

  • Why it’s important to connect a company with its users

  • Covering the creation of online communities that have the same rules as the real world

  • Democratizing the hiring market, and opening business to new talents

  • The 3 must haves to conquer an ambitious goal

  • Book recommendations:


If you are a non-traditional applicant and are looking to get a top MBA, message me and let's see if I can help.

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