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#10 - City University Cass' Recruitment Manager - Tony Whiteman-Reynolds

Updated: Apr 29, 2020

In this episode I am speaking with Tony Whiteman-Reynolds from City University’s Cass Business School in London. 

Tony is an MBA Recruitment Manager, part of the Admissions team, and responsible for recruiting high calibre students for the school’s programs. A customer service specialist, he previously managed Cass’ Full-time MBA, streamlining processes for the flagship London program, resulting in an improved experience for Academics and postgraduate students at the school.

This episode is interesting for prospective applicants, interested in a top-5 London MBA (ranking by FT), featuring a compact, international and intimate program.

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Happy listening!

PS - I'm experimenting with the intro and soundtrack of the podcast - let me know what you think!


Some of the things we talk about:

  • From hospitality to recruiting for an MBA: Tony’s story

  • 87 people from 30 nationalities: Cass’ student cohort

  • Between Silicon Roundabout and the City of London

  • Converting a bank vault into a recording studio: the new campus building

  • online now, in-person by September: adjusting to Covid 19

  • Corporate strategy, operations management, entrepreneurship: Strong suits and focus areas

  • London’s changing business landscape amidst Brexit and COVID

  • Fertilize now, harvest later: how current students are making best use of time

  • Nessie, Yeti and the Kraken: take your Crypto Zoology to a new level

  • How focusing on finishing two things every day will keep you sane

  • Short, small, and central: Cass’ biggest advantages

  • Audiobook recommendation: The Strategist by Harvard’s Prof. Cynthia Montgomery

  • The captains steering the ship: Marianne Lewis and Paolo Volpin

  • What makes a great candidate

  • Why Crystal Palace FC’s 68 years old financial director decided to get an MBA

  • An example of a recent MBA who got in without a bachelor’s degree

  • Why a great candidate on paper failed miserably

  • How giving admission teams more data points will help you get into an MBA

  • Only 3 words: what makes a great conversationalist

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