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Social Media basics with MMA fighter Natan Levy (Hebrew)

You might ask yourself how this relates to an MBA. Well, it doesn't. At least it doesn't relate to the academic part of the MBA. It does, however, touches the core of why I believe people should pursue an MBA, an academic degree, any education, or any major goals in life for that matter: drive, passion, adventurism. Or as Natan put it: "every man (or woman) has a mountain to climb".

Natan has been practicing martial arts for the past 15 years or so, but is actively pursuing his dream for some 7 or 8 years (since moving to Las Vegas and investing all of his time in the fight game). His 'single mindedness' approach to life is practical and inspiring, and actually made me think of how I can be more focused on my goals, and invest my time in a manner similar to how a professional fighter would.

Natan Levy is a professional MMA fighter (4-0) with great following and a great approach to life. He is sharp, straightforward, and full of humor. We are discussing some of his insights on how to build a solid social media presence.

This conversation was intended to be a background conversation for our upcoming podcast episode, but it had a few 'pearls' in it, so we decided it's worth sharing with the world :)

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