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How I got an MBA without an undergraduate degree and turned ‘Impossible’​ to ‘Congratulations’​!

3+ years ago I started my MBA in INSEAD. The school took a chance with me, as I did not have an undergraduate degree, and changed my life for the best.

Through INSEAD I met some of my closest friends, lived and traveled all over the world, picked up multiple languages, and gained precious knowledge. I am tremendously and eternally grateful for this experience.

At first, getting admitted seemed like a mission impossible. However, I was fortunate enough to have mentors and advisers who helped me turn the impossible to a mere improbable. Then the improbable to a possible. Then the possible to a probable. Then I was in.

Because of my personal experience, I encourage anyone who feels the urge to become a better version of themselves to consider getting a top MBA, regardless of their prior education. This is especially true for those who haven’t obtained an undergrad because they felt they had something better to do: business founders, professional athletes, career military personnel, models, and others.

In the past months I am working on a book on this subject. As a part of the process I am speaking with schools, admission committees, advisers, and A LOT of applicants (with and without an undergrad/masters/PhDs).

So here is my offer:

If you are serious about getting into a top MBA, and you do not have an undergraduate degree, I would be happy to help. Drop me a message and we'll see if there is a fit, then we can start the process. I don’t need your money, but I do want to know you are all-in. 

Be great,


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