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#8 - INSEAD's Global Director of Admissions and Financial Aid - Virginie Fougea

Virginie Fougea is INSEAD's Global Director of Admissions and Financial Aid for the Degree Programs. She has been with INSEAD for the last 20 years. Before that she had been studying in the US and working in Brazil. She is an admission professional with 15+ years of file evaluation and selection of applicants from diverse multi-cultural and professional backgrounds. She enjoys promoting INSEAD and its programs during information sessions on and off campus and meeting prospects.

When she is not in the office, she likes gardening, horseback riding or simply spending time with friends and family.

Personal note - Virginie is the one who took a chance on me, and admitted me into INSEAD - and in fact had a tremendous impact on my life!


Who is it for:

This episode is very interesting for prospective applicants, especially those without a bachelor’s degree, who seek to understand what INSEAD is looking for in a candidate and what sets the school apart. It is also interesting for current students looking for insight on how the school is navigating in these stormy waters, and for alumni who are looking for direction and information from INSEAD’s hyper-connected faculty.

What's in the episode:

- what makes a great candidate

- what is the main difference between a 1Y and 2Y MBAs

- how to master intensity – a soft skill that high-end recruiters are looking for

- the feedback loop between recruiters and the school

- the specific industries that INSEAD is strong in

- why INSEAD is admitting candidates without a bachelor’s degree

- what the admission committee looks for in a candidate without a bachelor's degree

- updates on the ‘at-home’ GMAT and GRE tests.

- why a person should pursue an MBA

- the right moment to do an MBA

- why a degree is still relevant today

Happy listening!



- a video of Singaporean PM Lee Hsien Loong is a good example of how to communicate during crisis and prepare.

- Nasim Taleb’s AntiFragility


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