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# 4 - Classical Pianist - Marija Nesovic

Updated: Mar 26, 2020

A new podcast episode with Marija Nešović. In a nutshell, Marija grew up in Serbia and from a young age became infatuated with the piano. She spent her teen and early adulthood years playing and studying music, first in the music academy of Belgrad, to where she as a 14 year old and lived on her own, and later in Berlin’s Academy of Art, one of the top music schools in Europe.

Marija decided to pivot away from music because she believed that in the music industry she would not be the master of her own faith. She returned to Serbia and worked in her father’s IT business, before starting her own import business (which eventually made more money than the IT business). After a couple of years she enrolled and got accepted to her MBA, after which she joined McKinsey. In the past years she has her own consulting practice in the pharma sector, which allows her and her family to live the lifestyle they want. Her story is that of independent thinking, of making unpopular decisions, of overcoming challenges. I hope you enjoy the episode.

PS – something Marija mentioned and I found very cool: now her story would live online forever, and would be there for her children and grandchildren to listen to, even when she would not be around or would not remember the details. I love that thought :)

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