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# 3 - Gold Prospector - Scott James Berdahl

Updated: Mar 26, 2020

In this episode I speak with Scott Berdahl, a classmate and friend of mine and a professional gold digger, so to speak.

Scott grew up in the Yukon, Northern Canada, in a little cabin without running water. He spent his early days looking for minerals in the bush, later studying geology at MIT and joining the family mineral prospecting company. After working and studying at Saudi Arabia, he did his MBA in France and Singapore, and went back to business.

Today he is building a pan-Yukonian tourism and adventure company. If you’re heading North – hit him up!

Favorite quote: "You worked so hard to build a safety net, don't use it as a hammock".

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Michael Gallant
Michael Gallant

Hey Jürgen, am very happy that you are enjoying the podcast! :) as you are the first commenter (ever) on the website, here are a few thoughts:


2. This is a great milestone for me, and it makes me very proud :)

3. I'll thank you on air in my next podcast episode, the 2nd out of the 4 episode mini-series with Dan Ariely, so stay tuned ;)

4. Would be happy to connect on LinkedIn. If you're up for it, please reach out to me. I'm on

Last but not least - adding value is by no means an easy task, or one I take half heartedly. Thank you for appreciating it,…


Jürgen Scherer
Jürgen Scherer

Michael, just signed up for your podcasts. Very cool stuff. Listened so far to Dan Ariely and Scott Berdahl. Love the concept of MBA w/o BS. As there is a lot of BS in Business, in Education, and in the Business of Education, there is a lot to podcast about it, or in biz terms, access of supply. 😉 I personally have a MBA and a PhD in Bus (DBA), I also attended a Mmt Training at INSEAD. My personal BS learning experience is related to my attempt to return to university/academia as a practitioner with 30+ years in Exec position at various global corporations. Lots of mismatch btw claims and reality!

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