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#24 - Gabrielle Bosché on Converting Knowledge into Action, Purpose as Permission and Being Alone...

“We are a generation that is overwhelmed with information, but starving for knowledge and wisdom”.

Gabrielle Bosché (@saysgabrielle) is the founder and president of The Millennial Solution where she helps companies hire, retain and attract Millennial talent. She is also cofounder of The Purpose Company where she helps people discover their unique life purpose and how to build a life of clarity and meaning.

Gabrielle’s persistent dedication to honing in to the purpose of her own life has helped earn her the title of “America’s Millennial Expert”. A millennial herself, she is a best-selling author of four books on her generation including “The Millennial Entrepreneur and “5 Millennial Myths”. Her new book, The Purpose Factor, is scheduled for publication September 2020.

Gabrielle has translated her genuine curiosity about the differences that define a generation into a multi faceted and meaningful career. If you haven’t heard her TedX speech yet, I highly recommend that you do.

From Gabrielle’s perspective, it isn’t what school you go to, what position you land or how much you earn in salary that matters, it’s learning to take action aligned with your purpose that does. In our sit down together we talk about:

  • How priorities and perspective impact the cultural identity of a generation

  • The importance of finding your unique purpose

  • Tips for how to gain direction and pursue a life of clarity and conviction

  • The value of setting aside alone time for contemplation and introspection

  • How to turn knowledge into action

In a time of global scale uncertainty, Gabrielle’s message of looking towards purpose and meaning to serve as the backbone of the big decisions of our lives feels right on point to me.

Happy listening!


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