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#19 - Content creation 1-minute crash course, 4 steps to crack LinkedIn - Ahmad Imam

Ahmad Imam is a dynamic Ambassador, Host, Content Creator and Educator.

Self-improvement is in Ahmad’s DNA, and he lives by the mantra “Your best is yet to come.” His mission is to help a MILLION people build the confidence and courage they need to live their best life.

As the ambassador for Success Resources Australia, he opens the doors to the world’s greatest speakers, thought leaders and business minds and provides the opportunity for you to learn from them through world-class seminars, exclusive retreats and elite masterminds.

Ahmad has dominated the LinkedIn platform and made it his own, becoming a social media personality in his short time on the platform and building an engaged following of over 400k in just 18 months.

You can find him regularly inspiring and motivating his community by sharing the secrets to gaining greater confidence, creating powerful content and building a success mindset.

A video trailblazer, described as “Charismatic, bold, smart and engaging”, Ahmad’s magnetic personality has seen many of his posts go viral, featuring in Forbes and Inc. and he currently averages 2 million views on his content per month.

"Be kind to yourself" - Ahmad Imam

Who is it for:

This episode is for you if you felt different from your peers and have been seeking a way to use those differences to succeed. Join me and Ahmad Imam this week if you are considering an MBA or are in the process of pursuing one and are uncertain about how your experiences can help support your future.

What’s in the episode:

  • How to overcome your fears by challenging them

  • The path towards building the new you

  • The non-negotiables in any business endeavor

  • Why pushing through and trusting your instincts matters

  • How to turn struggle into motivation

  • Ahmad’s favorite book from the last year; “Talk like Ted

  • Why consistency is key

  • Ahmad’s 1-minute crash course on how to create content

  • Where to invest your time on social media

  • The 3 most important elements for a person in crisis to step out


If you are a non-traditional applicant and are looking to get a top MBA, message me and let's see if I can help.

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