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#18 - YouTube Sensation - Prof. Conor Neill

Conor is a sought-after keynote speaker on Leadership. He teaches Leadership Communications at IESE Business School and is the President of Vistage in Spain, part of the world’s leading CEO organization.  

As an entrepreneur, he has founded 5 companies, selling 16 private jets and building the 3rd largest fleet of private jets in Spain. He is a visiting professor at University College Dublin, the University of Montevideo and Permanent Faculty on Entrepreneurs’ Organization’s Global Leadership Academy.

“There is an opportunity to learn in everything that happens to you"

I hope you enjoy it, I know I did! If you do, please rate, share and comment.

Happy Listening!


Who is this episode for?

  • If you are reorienting your career, looking for a new direction or learning about why an MBA fits into your goals join me this week for an episode with Conor Neil.

  • New applicants, graduates, and current professors will all find this episode helpful in focusing on what's really important, both in MBA programs, life afterwards, and outside of the program.

What’s in the episode?

  • The three phases in developing a lifelong career

  • The role of building relationships in an MBA program

  • Context matters when you are trying to be an A level entrepreneur

  • Jim Collin’s Good to Great - Conor’s favorite business book

  • The paradox of YouTube renowned

  • How a leader is not the same as a manager

  • The difference between a curious question and a lazy question

  • Identify sincerity in your students (and employees)

  • People who can stand on their own two feet

  • Why a trusting relationship doesn’t mean you trust everyone

  • Three biggest barriers to personal success


If you are a non-traditional applicant and are looking to get a top MBA, message me and let's see if I can help.

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