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#15 - LinkedIn Magician and Endless Giver - Brian Golod

Ladies and gentlemen - Brian Golod! Brian is passionate about life and getting the most out of it. He strives to empower, inspire and unlock other people’s potential no matter where he goes. Brian began his technology journey 23 years ago when he was only 13 years old and chose Computer Science in Argentina’s top technical middle school and high school. 16 years ago Brian moved with his parents and sister to Prince Edward Island, Canada, and five years later to Toronto, where he continues to lead software development teams as a Product Owner for large multibillion-dollar clients. Two years ago, Brian became active on LinkedIn and discovered by fluke he could help professionals across the world get back on their feet. He felt so fulfilled he went on a quest to find more and more people to help. Since then, he has helped candidates get interviews with and offers from United Nations, Save the Children, LinkedIn, Microsoft and Estée Lauder, among others. Recently, Brian has partnered with immigration organizations to help people immigrate to Canada and save time and their hard-earned money. Brian has also discovered how to monetize LinkedIn when he had 808 followers and now has over 160,000 and shares his knowledge with others who have services to offer so that they can also develop a secondary income. He also provides consulting to organizations that wish to expand their reach and have a larger presence. Brian’s LinkedIn profile is maxed out in connections and thus he made his profile open so that people can reach out to him via direct message without needing to connect; he welcomes everyone to message him and hopes he can help in any possible way.

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