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#11 - "Prof. Scale-Up" Joe Haslam - IE Business School, Madrid

Updated: May 1, 2020

In this episode I am speaking with Joe Haslam (@joehas), Executive Director of the Owners Scaleup Program at IE Business School in Madrid, Spain.

In 1998, Prof. Haslam was on the founding Team of Marrakech, a Dublin based e-procurement company that raised over $75m in Venture Capital and scaled to over 250 people. He is the co-founder and Chairman of Hot Hotels, the first company from Spain to be accelerated by the Techstars program in the USA (Boston, Summer 2015). He was born in Ireland and has an MBA from IE Business School.

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PS - Didn't love the soundtrack on the last episode - will experiment with several others. If you have ideas - ping me!


Some of the things we talk about:

  1. The difference between a startup and a scale-up, and why B schools are better at teaching the latter

  2. Business schools don’t create companies, but they do create entrepreneurs

  3. Podcast recommendation: Reid Hoffman’s Masters of Scale

  4. An empty mind is an odd thing: Why people who existed a company start a new one

  5. How Bill Gates is using his money to surround himself with the best thinkers + Netflix recommendation: Inside Bill’s Brain

  6. Honey-trapping Elon Musk

  7. Book recommendation: Second Bounce of the Ball by Sir Ronald Cohen

  8. Mastering Intensity (thank you Virginie - the second person to steal that phrase!)

  9. Developing confidence: double down on strengths, leave behind your weaknesses - find out what you’re good at, and get better at it!

  10. Sell, sell and sell! Personal recommendation - take sales courses!

  11. Marc Cuban: Sales solve all problems (here's a great article I stumbled upon)

  12. Joe’s recommendation for keeping a routine during COVID19

  13. Only 3 words: what are the most important traits for a scallop entrepreneur?

  14. Richard Branson’s April Fool’s prank

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