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Questions you might want to ask yourself

  • Would you rather invest less than $10 getting this book, or spend thousands of dollars in consulting fees and courses that are not right for you?

  • Would you rather invest one hour in reading this book, or spend hundreds of hours researching yourself, speaking with people, and potentially coming to the wrong conclusions (and wasting even more time due to taking the wrong path)?

  • Would you rather have people around you telling you what you absolutely CAN’T do, or have a guide that shows you how you CAN do?

Become a Student: Text

Who is this book for

  • People who want to avoid the ambiguity, information overload and uncertainty of the application process

  • People who have decided they want to do an MBA, and are looking for a concise road map / framework to help them understand the time, energy and money investment involved

  • People who are frightened by the MBA application process because they don’t know what the process holds and if they have what it takes to make it

Become a Student: Text

Who is this book NOT for

  • People who would rather spend hundreds of hours of their own time instead of investing $5 buying this book and one hour reading it

  • People who prefer looking at the trees rather than the forest

  • People who want to understand the nitty gritty before they understand the big picture

  • People who are knees-deep in the admission’s process

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How would this book look like

  • It will focus on delivering maximal value in minimal time

  • It will give a very clear picture to the applicant

  • It will take no more than one hour to read

  • It will refer to other useful resources, by me and by others

  • It will be very actionable

  • It will be followed up by an audio book

  • It will speak in plain and personable language

  • It will include interesting and personal stories that people can relate to

  • It will feature guest speakers or writers, or parts of their work

  • It will provide thousands of dollars of value in saved time and resources

Become a Student: Text
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